Alaska Sea Grant

Master Materials List

Student Handouts

Items for Group Display

Material Items

Facility/Equipment Requirements

Investigation 1

Bidarki story introduction Image

Bidarki Story, Part 2a Image

Bidarki Story, Part 2b Image

Bidarki Story, Part 3a Image

Bidarki Story, Part 3b Image

Bidarki Story, Conclusion Image

Map Image

Concept Web Worksheet, 1 copy for each small group or pair Image

Science notebooks


Concept Web Worksheet, if desired

Samples of local foods

Bidarki picture or actual bidarki

Chart paper and markers for creating concept map


Glue and scissors for gluing worksheets into science notebooks

Overhead or LCD projector

Chart paper or chalkboard

Investigation 2

Fishing Log copies or example Image

Science notebooks

Halibut Cove Story


Pictures of traditional , previous and current fishing technologies Image

1 bag each of two types of large dry beans (such as kidney beans and lima beans – one should be bigger than the other)

Small cups, 1 per student

Serving bowls, medium size, 1 per group

Spoons or small tea strainers, 1 per group

Straws, 1 per student

Watch or stopwatch

Glue and scissors


Fishery Facts document

Overhead Projector or LCD projector to show fishing technology photos

Investigation 3

Science notebooks

Research Guide

Project Scoring Guide

Research Guide

Project Scoring Guide

Sample posters

Reading or video, if not using the websites included in this investigation

Books for research, Internet sittes and internet access

Poster board, markers, construction paper, glue, scissors

Notecards or scrap paper


LCD projector to show websites and sample posters

Overhead projector to show Research Guide, and Scoring Guide

Investigation 4

Human Impact Survey data sheets Image

Data Sheets, if desired

Garbage bags

Pencils and clipboards for each student or group


Chart paper

Appropriate field location

Chalkboard, Overhead projector or LCD projector to record student data

Investigation 5

Science notebooks



Posters/papers from Invest. 3

Graphs/displays from Invest. 4

Art supplies, decorations, food for celebration

Supplies for stewardship project as needed


Location for presentations and celebration

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