Alaska Sea Grant

Resources - Exploring the Ocean

Investigation 1: The Excitement of Exploration
18-minute video Exploring the Ocean’s Hidden Worlds (Robert Ballard 2008)

Investigation 2: Canyons in the Sea
Underwater Vehicles information and photos from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
NOAA’s information on submersibles
Michelle Ridgway’s Blog
Description of deep sea dives and photos
Michelle Ridgway’s August 18 blog entry specifically talks about the ROV.
Map of Zhemchug and Pribilof Canyons
2007 Expedition to Zhemchug and Pribilof Canyons: photos
More 2007 Expedition Photos
Descriptions of Pribilof Canyon and sea life
Researcher David Guggenheim’ blog
Researcher John Hocevar’ blog
Zhemchug Canyon Life
Researcher Michelle Ridgway’s blog
Researcher David Guggenheim’s blog
Information,videos, competitions, and curriculum centered around the building of an ROV.
Coat Hanger ROV

Investigation 3: Mountains in the Sea
Alaska Seamounts: NOAA exploration 2004 Exploring Alaska’s Seamounts
Background on seamount exploration and research in the Gulf of Alaska
Seamounts video (Lesson 15 from NOAA’s Learning Demos)
Real underwater footage of seamounts and life around them
Simulated fly-around of the Patton Seamount
Patton Seamount color bathymetric map
Arctic Science Journeys radio show: Exploring Alaska’s undersea volcanoes
Arctic Science Journeys radio show: Seamount Oasis
Gulf of Alaska Seamount Chains


Sea Floor Mapping
animated presentation “Who cares about Sea Floor Mapping” .
This animation gives a brief history of sea floor mapping techniques and explains multibeam and sidescan sonar.
UNH-NOAA Ocean Mapping Expedition Yields New Insights into Arctic Depths
Understanding Ocean Acoustics
Science of Sound in the Sea

Investigation 4: Searching for Sounds in the Sea
Science of Sound in the Sea
Underwater sounds
Whale Sounds
How to read a spectrogram
Sound in the Sea exploration
Ishmael software

Lesson Plans

NOAA Ocean Explorer lesson plans
Journey to the Unknown 

Mapping Seamounts in the Gulf of Alaska

Forests of the Deep

A Watered-Down Topographic Map

Discovery of Sound in the Sea lesson plan: On the Trail of a Whale

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