Alaska Sea Grant

Master Materials List - K Unit

Student Handouts

Items for Group Display

Material Items

Facility/Equipment Requirements

Investigation 1: Backyard Water Discovery

Science notebooks 

Chart Paper and Markers (Investigation 1)

Water by Frank Asch

Water by Frank Asch

2-10 glass jars with lids

Water from a local outdoor source such as a tidepool or pond

Soil, dirt, and/or rocks




Magnifying lenses

Classroom space to store jars in direct sunlight

An outdoor aquatic environment (pond, puddle, stream, slough, beach,etc) within close walking distance of school.

Investigation 2: Sea Soup

Science notebooks

(Optional: Sea Soup Recipe ) Image

Marine Lotto Image

Freshwater Lotto Image

Larval to Adult Match (marine) Image



This is the Sea That Feeds Us by Robert F. Baldwin 

Sea Soup by Mary Cerullo  

Optional:  Class poster template for Sea Soup recipe 

 This is the Sea That Feeds Us by Robert F. Baldwin 

Sea Soup by Mary Cerullo 

2-10 glass jars with lids


sequins, spangles, beads

plankton nets

water tubs

local field guides or identification keys for rocks, shells, etc.

Inflatable globe

Flannel board and felt for cutouts

Animal cards and Lotto Boards

Blue/greeen fabric sheet or butcher paper

Paper cups

Classroom space for Exploration Centers

Investigation 3: Living and Nonliving Things in the Water

Science notebooks

Notebook-size copy of Pseudoscorpion picture



Class book pages

Resource books, posters, pictures, ID charts

Pictures and description of Pseudoscorpion



Tagboard or construction paper

small objects (rocks, shells, etc.) from aquatic environment 

Wide variety of textured materials to glue onto paper: cloth, sandpaper, cardborad, plastic, thread, yarn, etc.

Glue or glue sticks

Magazines for cutting

Art materials: large sheets of paper, tempera paints, construction paper, newspaper, paper fasteners (brads), toothpicks, paper bags, markers, wire, and other materials.

Work space for creating a large mural

Investigation 4: Field Trip Session

Science notebooks

Copies of Scavenger Hunt list 

This Is the Sea That Feeds Us by Robert F. Baldwin

Sea Soup by Mary Cerullo

Optional: Class poster template for Sea Soup Recipe


ID charts



Science notebooks

Writing tools (pencils, colored pencils)

Small rulers


Digital camera

An outdoor aquatic environment (beach, riverbank, creek, pond) with space for children to explore safely

 Investigation 5: Sharing What We Know

Science notebooks

Any charts, lists, and displays used during the unit

All materials related to the unit, including:



Samples of living and nonliving things

Any specimens collected

Jars of water and land


Field trip equipment

Hallway, wall, and other display space.

Gathering space for student presentations with "audience seating."

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