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Printed Materials

Pfeffer, T. The opening of a new landscape: Columbia Glacier at mid-retreat. American Geophysical Union, 2007.

Post, A. and E. LaChapelle. Glacier Ice. University of Washington Press, 1971.

Investigation 1: Ch-ch-ch-changes

Video “Alaskan Native Thoughts on Climate Change”
Video "George Divoky: The BirdWatcher Who Saw the Future” about a poplulation of black guillemots near Barrow, Alaska

Investigation 2: Impacts of Change in Glacier Ice
Explanation and photos of glacier topics can be found at Teachers Domain
Glaciers Online. Includes many photos and videos of glaciers from around the world.
USGS Benchmark Glaciers. Information, graphs and links to reports about Gulkana and Wolverine glaciers in Alaska.
NOVA Science Now: Video of a moving Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland
How Glaciers Move. Alaska Science Forum, Article #145
Journey to Alaska’s Glaciers: WebQuest to Explore How Glaciers Shape the Land
National Snow and Ice Data Center Repeat Photography of Glaciers
NOAA's Tides and Currents site and click on the Gulf of Alaska.
The Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets has an interactive world map of sea level rise.
Peninsula Online news article, "Small fry may be big problem"

Investigation 3: Bering Sea Expedition
Come on board the Healy! Video of researchers on the Healy.
“Climate-driven Change in the Northern Bering Sea." This video shows scientists aboard the icebreaker Healy talking about melting ice and how climate change is altering the food chains in the Bering Sea. 

WebQuest Resources:
Part 1: Bering Sea Research
Physical/geographic description of the Bering Sea, with maps showing bathymetry, currents, habitats, islands, and sea.
Description of Bering Sea ecostystem and wildlife, and threats to wildlife
NASA site with satellite imagery showing and describing physical attributes, seasons and changes in the Bering Sea

Part 2: Organism Research
Brief description and photos of arctic species at risk due to climate change
Descriptions and photos of arctic marine life from diatoms to whales, with links to additional information
Alaska Ocean Observing System: Information and learning activities about marine mammals and birds
Interactive Bering Sea/arctic ecosystem with info on key species:
Canadian Museum of Nature: Life Under the Ice, Amphipods

Ice Algae
Wikipedia: Ice Algae
NOAA article about algae and other organisms that live within sea ice
Canadian Museum of Nature: Life Under the Ice, Arctic Sea Ice Core
Canadian Museum of Nature: Life Under the Ice, Microscopic phytoplankton

The Biology of Copepods
Wikipedia: Copepods

National Geographic Krill profile with photo
Wikipedia: Krill

Clam (Macoma spp)
Macoma clam

The Jellies Zone
Jellyfish: Oregon Aquarium
Wikipedia: Jellyfish

Sea Urchins
Wikipedia: Sea Urchins
Canadian Museum of Nature: Life Under the Ice, Sea urchins
Sea Urchin Natural History

Bering Sea Seabirds
Least Auklet
Alaska Seabirds Information Series: Least Auklet – Least Auklet
Birds of North America Online: Least Auklet

Black-legged Kittiwake
Alaska Seabirds Information Series: Black-legged Kittiwake
Birds of North America Online: Black-legged Kittiwake
Cornell Lab of Ornithology All About Birds: Black-legged Kittiwake

Spectacled Eider
Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game Notebook Series: Eider
BBC interview with Jim Lovvorn: Spectacled Eider
Field notes: Spotlight On… Spectacled Eiders

Arctic cod
Canadian Museum of Nature: Life Under the Ice, Arctic Cod
Wikipedia: Arctic cod
Arctic cod information, description, distribution and ecology

Bering Sea Marine Mammals
Canadian Museum of Nature: Life Under the Ice, Walrus
Fact Sheet: Pacific Walrus Response to Arctic Sea Ice Losses
Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game Notebook Series: Walrus

Ringed Seal
Canadian Museum of Nature: Life Under the Ice: Ringed Seal
Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game Notebook Series: Ringed Seal
National Marine Mammal Laboratory: Ringed Seals

Bowhead Whale
Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game Notebook Series: Bowhead Whale
Bowhead Whales in Alaska
National Marine Mammal Laboratory: Bowhead Whales

Right Whale
National Marine Mammal Laboratory: Right Whales
North Pacific Right Whale
American Cetacean Society: Right Whale

Polar Bear
Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game Notebook Series: Polar Bear
Canadian Museum of Nature: Life Under the Ice: Life Under the Ice: Polar Bears
National Geographic: Polar Bear

Investigation 4: Changes in Our Local Environment

A Half-Century of Change in Arctic Alaskan Shrubs: A Photgraphic-Based Assessment

Video Saving a Community: Shishmaref, Alaska
Video Orville Huntington, “It’s a Changing Thing”
Video Richard Glenn, At Home in Two Worlds

Interview questions:
Observing Locally, Connecting Globally Sample Interview Questions for Grades K-12
Student Led Weather Interview for Grades 7-12
Arctic Borderlands Ecological Knowledge Co-op Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring Interview
Interview Questions from Climate Change North

Alaska’s Digital Archives may also have historic photos of your community and surrounding areas.

Investigation 5: Explaining Impacts of a Warming Climate

Ideas for introducing students to digital storytelling:

Center for Digital Storytelling 

How to Create a Digital Story 


Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling 

Creating a Storyboard

Storyboard Organizer to help students plan their digital story.

This movie is an example of using still photos, text, and music to create the story: Global Warming - Climate Change

CFL Lightbulbs in Plain English: An easy, but effective way to create a story, using narration, cutouts, a white board, and hands.

The following were created by students: 
AP Biology Legacy Project

The Rock Cycle Movie What is Global Warming? Text, images and student narration.


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