Alaska Sea Grant

Master Materials List

Student Handouts

Items for Group Display

Material Items

Facility/Equipment Requirements

Investigation 1: Notice the Plants and Animals

Science notebooks 

O-W-L Chart: Large piece of chart paper labeled with columns

Book: One Small Square Backyard by Donald M. Silver and Patricia Wynne, McGraw Hill, 1997.

Student kits: Surveyor’s tape, magnifying glass, science notebook, pencil, toothpick flags

Biologist backpack: clipboard, notebook, pencil, magnifying glass or hand lens, tide book, field guide, ruler or measuring tape, camera, map, warm clothes (hat, gloves), thermometer, maps, aerial photo, sampling jars, first-aid kit, flashlight, water bottle, snack, cell phone or VHF radio

Subsistence backpack: tide book, flashlight, pail, gloves, hat, raincoat, piece of net, knife (pretend), fishing pole, berry-picker, map, identification chart, water bottle, snack, cell phone or VHF radio




Plastic marine animals

Plankton nets

Magnetic board with pictures of aquatic animals

Flannel board with cutouts of aquatic animals

Collection of books, puzzles, old calendars, commercial games

Pan balance

Measuring tools





Soft sculpture animals--clams, sea stars, scallops

Bingo games and cards Sample and instructions Image

Freshwater Bingo boards and cards Image

Marine Bingo boards and cards Image

Learning Centers checklist Image

Attitude Checklist Image

Outdoor area near school

Sand table

Investigation 2: Plant and Animal Characteristics

Science notebooks

Shell observation page Image

Book: Seashells by the Seashore by Marianne Berkes. Dawn Publications, California, 2002, ISBN 978-1584690344

Book: Creature Features (need more info)

Shell Property Chart Image

Chart Paper

Yarn Loops (about 1 yard long)

 A large quantity of shells (or substitutes)

Alaska Native art forms of local animals Image

Local field guides for aquatic creatures

Pictures and sketches of animals

What Do You Know? game board

What Do you Know? game cards Image


Dice (2 per board)

Markers for players

Shell Sort Levels of Understanding Continuum Image


For extensions:

Graph or grid paper, 2 inch x 1/2 inch

Unifix cubes or wood block cubes for measuring length

Dried lima beans and kidney beans

Animal dice for Dice Toss Game Image

Ordinary classroom facilities

Investigation 3: Plant and Animal Experts

Science notebooks

Science notebook glue-ins for:


Animal Riddles

High Tide, Low Tide glue-in Image


The Ocean Alphabet Book, and/or other alphabet books

Everything Grows book, by Raffi

Everything Grows (album or MP3 download), by Raffi

A book about tides

Life Cycle Wheel (Directions for the wheel book Image)



12 x 18 pieces of paper

Spiral binding or 3 rings

Drawing and coloring materials (colored pencils, crayons)

Books, field guides, and/or posters showing local marine/aquatic plants and animals

Large rolls or sheets of paper (variety of colors)

Newsprint or newspaper

Staplers, scissors, markers

Construction paper


Tagboard and circle template

Life cycle pictures to cut out Image


Space to manipulate tools and large sheets of paper

Investigation 4: Field Trip Session

Science notebooks

Close and closer pages for notebooks Image


Chart Paper

Biologists Backpacks containing:

Magnifying glass or hand lens
Notebook, clipboard/Rite in the Rain paper
Tide book
Identification charts
Field guide books (marine or freshwater)
Measuring tape or ruler,
Maps and/or aerial photo if available
Sampling jars
First-aid kit
Cell phone or VHF radio

Extra clothing

Water bottles


Survey tape cut into one-meter lengths

11 x 14 construction paper

Colored pencils



Science notebooks

Writing tools (pencils, colored pencils)

Small rulers


Digital camera


Field site at a beach or riverbank

A tarp for shelter

 Investigation 5: Sharing What We Know

Science notebooks


Class ABC book

Research results

Animal Sculptures

Life Cycle Wheels



Science Notebooks

Charts created by class

Creature Feature Class Book

“What Do You Know” Board game


Art supplies for invitations and decorations

Hallway, wall, and other display space.

Gathering space for student presentations with "audience seating."

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