Alaska Sea Grant

Field Trip

St. Paul Island, AK
static map
St. Paul School
Name of the place where you “got your feet wet”:
School Pond
4, 5, 6
What were the three coolest plants or animals you saw (by class vote)?
birds, puuchki, island grass
Do you think the place where you went on a field trip provides habitat for salmon?
Why or why not?
It is a pond with no outlet to a river
Did your class do a stewardship project? Please describe.
Yes, we picked up three bags of garbage in a 30 minute timeframe.
Tell us about your field trip
We took a walk to the reef rookery which is currently empty of seals. We observed the lava rock formations on the cliffs, the cliff grass and sand, the beach erosion, and seal bones left from the previous migration season.
Post a photograph of the place you went on your field trip
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