Alaska Sea Grant

Field Trip

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Name of the place where you “got your feet wet”:
Westchester Lagoon
What were the three coolest plants or animals you saw (by class vote)?
The kids really enjoyed learning about the macro-invertebrates as well as searching for fish and other bugs in the lagoon. They also, enjoyed finding the PH, velocity, and oxygen in the water.
Do you think the place where you went on a field trip provides habitat for salmon?
Why or why not?
We found evidence of salmon already thriving in this location. In addition, the kids found that our temperature, PH, Velocity, oxygen were all within the normal ranges. Also, we found many macro invertebrates that live in healthy streams.
Did your class do a stewardship project? Please describe.
Tell us about your field trip
We went to Chester Creek near our school to test to see if salmon could live in the stream. After that we went down to Westchester Lagoon and did the same there.
Post a photograph of the place you went on your field trip
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