Alaska Sea Grant

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Discovering Our Blue Planet

Print Resources
Books Used in Unit:
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Related Books:

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Alphabet Books:
Helman, Andrea, and Wolfe, Art. O is for Orca: An Alphabet Book. Sasquatch Books, 2003.

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Pallotta, Jerry. The Underwater Alphabet Book. Charlesbridge Publishing, 1991.

Detailed information about common Alaska marine invertebrates (pdf)

Detailed information about common freshwater invertebrates, amphibians, and mammals (pdf)


Phytoplankton Image Library

Phytoplankton Photos and sample pictures of phytoplankton

Australian Museum Beyond the Reef Exhibit Phytoplankton and zooplankton information and photos

Phytoplankton line drawings

Zooplankton line drawings

One Inch Square Project

Masterbug theatre – insect metamorphosis

Freshwater insect and larval stages photos

Photos of pseudoscorpions

Utah State University Extension pseudoscorpion information

Description of pseudoscorpions from the Royal Alberta Museum

Description of pseudoscorpions from Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences 

Description and information about pseudoscorpions

Curriculum Resources:

Stevens, Betsy T. and Giebfried, Rosemary. Sea Soup Teachers Guide: Discovering the Watery World of Phytoplankton and Zooplankton. Tilbury House, 1999.

SeaAlaska Heritage Institute Curriculum

Alaska Sea Grant University of Alaska Fairbanks Alaska Department of Education and Early Development NOAA