Alaska Sea Grant

Bibliography and Resources

Children's Books

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Print Resources

          Disappearing Lake by Debbie Miller.

Living Marine Habitats of Alaska . Full-color booklet illustrates Alaskan sea floor communities. One copy available free from Alaska Sea Grant. Additional copies, $5.00 each.

Marine Invertebrate Identification:

Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies. 1999. Who's Who in the Intertidal Zone? An Atlas for Peterson Bay Field Station.

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Mac’s Field Guide to Marine Invertebrates of the Northwest. Laminated Card.

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Life on the Beach: among friends and anemones. Intertidal ecology and beach etiquette. Coproduced by CACS and Alaska Sea Grant. 2004. 20 minutes. Life on the Beach. Teacher Guide available.

The Shape of Life: The story of the animal kingdon. Eight-part series, each focused on a different marine invertebrate phylum and body plan. Produced for PBS. Available as two-CD set. Collection is searchable by phyla, behaviors, animaotions, or scientists. Lesson plans, alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards, and other resources are also available. Based on an orignal PBS series. 


Curricula and Teaching Guides

Krasny, Marianne E. 2003. Invasion Ecology: Teacher's Guide. National Science Teachers Association.

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