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    This online Alaska Seas and Watersheds curriculum, developed by Alaska teachers, provides high-quality units for use by teachers and homeschoolers, as well as interpreters, youth groups, nature tour guides, and anyone seeking fascinating content on marine and associated watershed science topics. The lesson plans and units for grades K–8 are complete and ready to use in alignment with Alaska science content standards and Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) as well as standards in other disciplines.

    The Alaska Seas and Watersheds program was, until recently, the Alaska Seas and Rivers program, and before that Alaska Sea Week. Our new name reflects the interdependence of ocean and the land environments along the vast coastline of Alaska and inland to the crests of the mountains. MORE about the program in relation to STEM education and environmental literacy

    Alaska’s 43,000-mile-long coast is the longest state coastline in the nation and its ocean provides nearly half of the seafood harvested in American waters. In this time of rapid environmental change, it’s vitally important that students learn about how Alaska marine ecosystems function and change and how to steward and sustain our coastal bounty. MORE about the importance of Alaska’s coastal ecosystems. MORE about the importance of Alaska’s coastal ecosystems

    Selected by CLEANFour units in the Grade 8 curriculum—Investigation 1, Ch-ch-ch-changes; Investigation 2, Impacts of Change in Glacier Ice; Investigation 3: Bering Sea Expedition; and Investigation 4, Changes in Our Local Environment—have undergone rigorous review and been selected as outstanding educational resources by the NSF-funded Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN).

    Get Your Feet Wet!

    April 1 - May 31

    Celebrate and share your local event with other Alaskan teachers and students!

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    Alaska Seas and Watersheds teaching resources and activity ideas for all grade levels are available.

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    Professional Development

    Alaska Sea Grant professional development workshops are a free-of-charge opportunity for Alaska K-8 teachers and informal educators to learn about our award-winning, Alaska-relevant curriculum materials and other educational resources.

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    Professional development

    Grants to Alaska Schools

    Alaska Sea Grant provides three-year grants to Alaska schools to encourage school-wide use of the Alaska Seas and Watersheds (ASW) curriculum and place-based, hands-on education that increases marine literacy. Grant proposal are no longer being accepted for the 2016-2017 school year. School districts selected for participation in this grant program include: Anchorage, Dillingham, Yakutat, Petersburg, Unalaska, Cordova and Juneau.

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    Photographs courtesy of Reid Brewer, Verena Gill, Heloise Chenelot, Stephen Trumble, and David Menke.

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