Alaska Sea Grant

Culminating Activities for the Aquatic Eco-Mystery Unit

Statewide Data Sharing

Share the investigation of your local ecosystem with students statewide via the Alaska Seas and Watersheds Website Forum. Take a picture of something important at your field site and post it, along with a description. Be sure to include the time and date that it was taken and the weather that day.

You can also share the data and conclusions from your ecosystem investigation at the site, and post questions that your class has generated.

Investigate the Web site to see the ecosystem discoveries that students have made in other parts of the state. How are their ecosystems different from yours?

A School-Wide Celebration of our Aquatic Ecosystem

Present your learning to other students in the school and to the community by organizing a school-wide celebration. Include a scientific poster session that teaches people about the sea otter’s ecosystem and about your local ecosystem. Make a mural, make costumes, have an art show, put on a dramatic production, have a feast, sing songs about the aquatic environment. Use your imagination to help your whole school learn and celebrate.

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